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Cherise TAPRI comes from the house of MK Jokai, a global leader in Orthodox Tea manufacturing & distribution. As one of India’s largest manufacturers and exporters the group strives to be the epitome of quality tea products. At MK Jokai, we are dedicated to creating quality products that are scientifically cultivated at our farm with passion, commitment and authenticity. The Group’s 14,000 acres of farm land across Assam and West Bengal, producing close to 6.9 million kilograms of tea annually, and employing over 6,000 people. Through our latest venture Cherise we bring you over 60 years of agricultural expertise combined with ‘state of the art’ vending technology. Your Cherise TAPRI is here to create cherishable moments on demand and to bring to you a truly world class beverage experience right to your doorstep!

MK Jokai - India's Largest Tea Manufacturer

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Tea is an essential part of our Indian culture and most of us will agree that there are very few things in life as delicious as the home made ‘maa ke haath ki chai’. However, as our lives started to get more and more busy, we started to spend less time at home and more time away at work. The quintessential chai stall, known fondly as tapri in many parts of India transformed itself into a community-building, stress- busting, deal-making landmark. It became more than just another tea stall where we drank tea and vanished into the oblivion... it became a sanctuary of emotions where we made new friends, discussed ideas for changing the system, or simply needed to refuel ourselves to burn the midnight oil. Imagine such spectrum of experiences thoughtfully packaged to trigger the moments of nostalgia and yet made available in a hygienic technology friend way, right in the comfort of your office! YES! That's Cherees Tapri for you!

Homamade maa ke haath ki chai

Our Global & Local Beverages

That's why we have traversed the country to cumulate the signature tastes of chai wallahas across India under one single umbrella brand. These nostalgic beverages are sourced from their birthplace and the ingredients are purely created by our farmers. The unadulterated, unblemished ingredients used undergo a series of quality checks to ensure impeccable hygiene and premium quality When a brand goes that extra mile to bring the essence of India at your doorstep, why wouldn't you be game for Cherise TAPRI? Food for thought!

Our Global & Local Beverages
MK Jokai

From the house of tea farmers

A global leader in Orthodox tea manufacturing & distribution, M K Tea Group strives to be the epitome of quality tea products. A vision of Mr. Mukundray K. Shah, the group was founded soon after India gained Independence: a time when India was just beginning to see an industrial and commercial revolution.

The company believed that they could carve a niche for themselves in the industry and offer large-scale tea production on the basis of a solid foundation and a streamlined business plan.

Such precision in a yet-to-be organized industry was new and unique. This enabled M K Tea Group to become one of the pioneering companies in the tea-manufacturing sector of India.

Today it is a brand that is dedicated to creating quality tea products- products that are scientifically engineered with passion, commitment and authenticity.