Our Beverages are Farm Fresh and are sourced from 100% natural ingredients. We are India's largest farm-to-cup beverage eco-system, with over 14000+ acres of farm land in Assam and West Bengal.

Our range of beverages

Mumbai Masala Chai

A city that never sleeps needs a chai that never gets cold or old. A medley of hand pounded spices such as clove, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon & nutmeg offer taste and health.

Delhi Adhrak Chai

In the heart of India, lies a rare flavour of tea infused with the superpowers of two superfoods... ginger & lemongrass! Presenting the Delhi Adhrak Chai.

Calcutta Elaichi Chai

Taste the 'Taste of Elite India' from the 'City of Joy. A unique mix of hand picked extracts of cardamom fresh off the plantations, helps lowering high blood pressure.

Puneri Gauti Chai

From the heart of the Maharashtrian hinterland, comes a tea that is truly the talk of the town, infused with refreshing lemon grass and its wonderful healing properties. Enjoy the sheer nostalgia of Pune with a piping hot cup of delightful Gauti Chai!

Tapri Ready in 3 Easy Steps

Ready in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Empty the content of the sachet by tearing the side notch, in a cup

Step 2: Fill it up with 100ml of boiling/hot water

Step 3: Stir well to dissolve and enjoy

Madras Coffee

The unblemished love for finest coffee brews strong in our hearts. A blend of freshly and finely ground specially selected coffee beans give boost to your energy levels.

Jodhpuri Masala Doodh

From Rajasthan's "Sun City" we bring to you the finest doodh to add masala to your life. A collection of spices like cardamom, mace & nutmeg, freshly grounded with a handful of cashew, almonds & pistachio is a perfect detoxifier.

Gujrati Haldi Doodh

This Gujarati gift of 'Golden Spice' in a glass of milk is pure elixir. From the traditional fields of the Indian hinterland, a freshly melange of golden turmeric with the sweetness of jaggeryl Heal-thy soul! 

Bikaneri Elaichi Doodh

A refreshing cup of elaichi doodh from the mystical Thar desert. Milk blended with freshly hand-pounded cardamom with sweetness of jaggery is a trusted remedy for ulcers.

Hyderabadi Tomato Soup

A uniquely tangy tomato soup from the bustling bazaars of Hyderabad. From fresh tomatoes blended with hand pounded spices and herbs provide a great source of Vitamin C.